Short (Poem)

I am short,

Thank you mommy and daddy,

I’ll never be tall like Michael Jordan,

Don’t worry this shorty won’t be crying to her mommy and daddy,

I can still touch the net like Mr. Jordan.


Jumping won’t work,

Have to use a ladder in my venture,

Or get on top of a human to reach that net,

Being short is a worthy and awesome adventure,

Yes, indeed loving being a dork.


Tall people can reach their destination faster with their long legs,

Should I be jealous or should I stop and stare?

I guess I’ll just walk faster with my short legs,

I don’t mind collapsing when I get there,

I won’t let the tall people beat me with their fascinating long legs.


No, I can’t do everything tall people can do,

I won’t cry just because I can’t pass the tall people test,

I’ll stand on top of hill like I cute little fool,

Yell “being short is the best,”

Besides I can always wear high heels and pretend I’m tall you silly fool.


Maybe I’ll shrink in time,

I might become like the kids in the movie, “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids,”

I’ll be like Indiana Jones having a fun time,

Having an adventurous life no matter what just like a little kid,

That’s how this shorty would spend her time.


You can choose to view something in a bad way or you can choose to view something in a good way. How you choose to view something is your choice.

So Hey Short Person! Isn’t climbing a fun adventure?!

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