Damage (Poem)

No amount of “I’m sorry’s” could’ve undone the damage I caused,

I should’ve treated you better,

No amount of “I’m sorry’s” could’ve undone the damage you caused,

You should’ve treated me better,

Glad we didn’t do better.


We damaged each other and left,

There was no love in the end,

Glad we both left,

Glad our love came to an end,

We weren’t right for each other.


I learned from our emotional abuse,

I learned I didn’t want another abusive relationship,

I learned that I didn’t want to damage another with emotional abuse,

Thank you for mistreating me in our relationship,

I’m now happy because I learned from all that abuse.


Still I wish time would heal any damage I caused,

I don’t wish any bad even after all you’ve done,

You took me towards the one in my life because of the damage that was caused,

I thank you for all the bad and good that you’ve done,

You are someone I don’t ever want to see again because of all the damage you caused.


Let’s live happily ever after we our new loves,

Let’s wish each other the best,

Let’s do our best to be nice to our new loves,

I think we all deserve the best,

We all deserve to be truly loved.

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