There’s no illusion when I love you,

There’s no pretending everything is perfect,

I’m loving the real you,

I’m not wishing for everything to be perfect,

All I care about is being with you.


We will have a bumpy ride,

Who says we have to hate it?

Why not enjoy every part of the ride?

It might help us make it,

So come on love let’s ride.


I don’t want to be without you,

I don’t want you to be without me,

I won’t handcuff you,

I’ll just ask you, “Will you please stay with me?”

I won’t ever force you to stay with me.


Yes, I truly love you,

I feel you love me too,

I hope you always feel the love I have for you,

I hope I always feel it too,

After all, you are the only one for me.