Warning (Poem)

Boy, I’m a woman,

You can’t fool me,

I’ll always find out if there’s another woman,

Don’t lie to me,

You might just see the true temper of a woman.


I might pretend everything is great between you and me,

That’s just a disguise boy,

I’m trying to decide if I should get revenge for what you’ve been doing to me,

Or should I say “Whatever” and walk away from you boy?

Should I sink low like you for what you have done to me?


Boy, I’m already screaming in anger,

I’m already breaking things in anger,

I have too much anger,

I don’t know how to control this anger,

Tell me, what should I do with this anger?


I guess I’ll give you a warning that you don’t deserve,

Dear Boy, you better run because you’ll see my fury if you stick around,

I’ll make you pay for doing things to me that I didn’t deserve,

So don’t ever think about coming back around,

I might give you what you truly deserve.

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