I was taken,

I felt alone,

I wondered, “Why do I feel alone if I’m taken?”

I wondered, “Why do I feel like I’m  facing the world alone?”

I shouldn’t have felt so alone when I was taken.


Being taken should’ve made me happy,

Instead I was always crying alone,

It always felt like he never cared if I was happy,

Yet I was afraid to leave and end up truly alone,

I stayed even though I wasn’t happy.


I should’ve seen that I felt more alone when I was taken,

I should’ve seen that I had been okay all the times I was single,

I should’ve seen that I was crying more while I was taken,

I should’ve seen that it wasn’t a bad thing to be single,

I had many misconceptions of being single and taken.


Thankfully, destiny had me going back to single,

Thankfully, destiny showed me all the misconceptions that I was having,

Thankfully, destiny helped me be okay single,

Thankfully, destiny helped me let go of the fears I was having,

Thankfully, destiny made me strong while learning to smile and overcoming the fears I was having.