Hurt (Poem)

This world might bring you so much hurt,

Remember not to let it destroy all the good in you,

Don’t let your heart turn black because of hurt,

Keep doing your best to fight to revive the good in you,

Don’t hate everyone and everything because of hurt.


People might want to see you fall,

You might end up giving them that wish,

Yet don’t stay down when you fall,

Don’t give anyone that wish,

Get up every time you fall.


The hurt might have you saying mean words,

Don’t let pride win,

Put your pride aside and apologize when you hurt someone with your words,

Let the good in you win,

Remember how much pain you have felt because of words.


No, staying good isn’t always easy,

Yet becoming bad is like letting the ones who hurt you win,

Don’t choose easy,

Don’t kill your beautiful soul and blacken your heart by letting the hurtful people win,

Show them you won’t make it easy.

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