Vows (Poem)

My dream was to say, “I do,”

I was jealous of those people who said, “I do,”

Until I saw the vows that were said in, “I do,”

I saw how silly I was for not understanding an “I do,’

Do you understand an “I do?”


For better or worse,

Some vows say,

I saw I always stood by me for better or worse,

I saw how some don’t mean what they say,

I saw how some only want to stay for the better and not worse.


For richer or poorer,

Those vows must be silly to think that love is all we need,

Nobody truly wants to be poorer,

We all need enough money to buy all we need,

I saw that I stood by me when I was poorer.


In sickness and in health,

Sadly, there are some sicknesses that can be too hard to handle,

It isn’t only the other person who can’t handle the bad health,

Yet sometimes only one stays when it gets hard to handle,

The one with the sickness always stands by even in bad health.


To love and to cherish,

Sadly, some take back away their beautiful love,

Some forget to cherish,

Some forget why they fell in love,

Still you can stand by you and love and cherish.


Until death,

A promise that some break when they walk away,

How many have broken the promise of staying until death?

How many have cried over someone who walked away?

Still you stand by you until death.


You see you had your “I do” for a very long time,

You see you have stood by you through it all,

You’ll be with you for a very long time,

You always had it all,

Thus, a partner is just a bonus to join you in your time.

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