Learn to see through a disguise,

There are many pretenders,

There are many who are good at fooling with a disguise,

Even you can be a pretender,

Even you can fool with a disguise.


This is an acting world,

We are all part of a stage,

You choose your role,

You choose how you want to act on stage,

You are already playing a role in this world.


Would you choose the wild role?

Would you choose the fearful role?

Would you choose the shy role?

Would you choose the kick ass role?

What would be your role?


Years of playing that role would make you an expert,

Yet you can always choose to change,

There are other roles where you can become an expert,

You just have to be determined to change,

Remember it’s okay to take acting lessons to become an expert.


Most of all, learn how to play a role that makes you happy,

Choose to be a happy actor/actress,

Learn to let go of the role that doesn’t make you happy,

Why choose to be an unhappy actor/actress?

Why not choose to be an actor/actress that’s happy?