Future (Poem)

He changed my future,

I’m no longer walking alone towards the future,

He wants me in his future,

I want him in my future,

It’s an unexpected future.


Thankful that I hadn’t truly given up on my love life,

It’s truly a love life that I never thought could be possible for me,

I’m now loving my love life,

All because God didn’t let me settle for a love that wasn’t right for me,

All because I kept trying to find that beautiful love life.


Yet over and over I got angry at God,

I never realized that God was preparing me for the right man for me,

I’m now giving thanks to God,

I’m thanking God for never giving up on me,

I now have the love story I always wanted because of God.


I now see that God wanted the best for me,

I’m now seeing what true love from a man really feels like,

This is the love that I feel has always been meant for me,

This is a love story that I like,

Thus, I say, “Thank you God for giving me the love story that I always wanted for me.”

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