Food (Poem)

Dear food I once took you for granted,

I never knew how losing you would cost me,

I was a fool for taking you for granted,

Yet my stomach wasn’t listening to me,

It was a hard lesson I need to learn so I could stop taking you for granted.


My sense of smell increased,

The words, “I can’t eat,” was repeated over and over,

The nausea increased,

The tears fell over and over,

Yet I kept trying to eat no matter how much the smell and nausea increased.


My situation also made me think about the poor who begged for food,

I had food that I was unable to eat,

The poor just wanted food,

I needed to be thankful that I had something to eat,

I needed to stop hating food.


I learned to love food slowly,

My sense of smell lessened slowly,

The nausea lessened slowly,

I was able to eat food slowly,

The tears stopped eventually.


Now I give thanks for the food that I once took for granted,

I give thanks to the growls that says I’m hungry,

I’m grateful that my stomach has taught me not to take food for granted,

I love being hungry,

I wish the poor would eventually be granted the food that I once took for granted.

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