Hate (Poem)

You can hate me if you want,

I wish you wouldn’t hate me,

Still you’ll do whatever you want,

Your hate will sadden me,

Contaminating your heart, body, and soul isn’t what I want.


I don’t want to be part of the reason you’ll stop seeing good,

Please let that hate go,

I’m not asking because it would make me feel good,

I’m just thinking about your heart, body, and soul,

I want you to always be good.


I won’t apologize for being me,

I’ll apologize for destiny for bringing us into each other’s life,

I would’ve still chosen to be me,

Thus, I’ll only apologize for life,

I can’t say an “I’m sorry” I don’t mean.


Maybe that would make you angry,

Maybe that would make things hard to accept,

It’s okay to be angry,

Hate isn’t something I want you to accept,

Don’t hate just be angry.

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