You are the best,

I am the best,

We are all the best,

Why should we be mean and say we aren’t the best?

Let’s be nice and say we’re all the best!


All women are beautiful,

All men are handsome,

Don’t be mean and say, “Not all women are beautiful,”

Don’t be mean and say, “Not all men are handsome,”

Let’s be nice and let’s turn this world beautiful.


Being mean to others turns some people mean,

Being mean to others can destroy people,

Why do you want to turn people mean?

Why do you want to destroy people?

Let’s choose words that are beautiful and not words that are mean.


Let’s turn this world into a world that we all love,

Let’s stop making each other cry,

Let’s heal this world that needs lots of love,

We don’t need to make anyone cry,

All we all need is to be loved and to love.