Rely (Poem)

He went and broke my heart,

I went crazy,

Darn this heart,

Darn for letting him turn me crazy,

We broke my mommy’s heart.


“Mommy he broke my heart” I said,

Did my best not to cry in front of her,

“He isn’t worth it” she said,

I could hear and see how much my broken heart was hurting her,

Still my heart couldn’t let go even if I agreed with what my mommy said.


Yet I never ran to my daddy,

The women in our family learn not to rely on men,

We don’t say “Protect me daddy,”

We deal with the crap caused by men,

We prove that we are okay without daddy.


Still we love our daddy,

We even love men no matter how much they make us cry,

Yet women shouldn’t always rely on daddy,

Women shouldn’t always rely on men who make them cry,

Women should learn how to be strong without men and daddy.

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