Sexy (Poem)

I love Victoria Secret lingerie,

Yet I don’t need expensive lingerie to feel sexy,

I can always find cheap sexy lingerie,

I can even go without lingerie and feel sexy,

A sexy feeling isn’t only felt with lingerie.


I don’t need a man to dress sexy,

I’ll dress sexy with or without a man,

Still I won’t deny I love the look he gets when I dress sexy,

It can be fun to dress up for a man,

Yet I care more about looking in the mirror and saying, “Wow I’m sexy,”


Young women aren’t the only one’s who can be sexy,

We women don’t need to listen to other’s definition of sexy,

Any woman can be sexy,

So come on and choose to feel sexy,

Don’t let anything stop you from being and feeling sexy.


Some say we are sexy without makeup,

I say, “Thank you, but I love my makeup,”

I need my makeup,

All that matters is how I feel with or without my makeup,

Still it’s awesome when a woman is able to feel sexy with or without her makeup.


Different ways of feeling sexy makes me glad I’m a woman,

There are sexy jeans, sexy shorts, sexy dresses, and sexy shirts for women,

It can truly be fun to be a woman,

There are even sexy costumes for women,

Yes, I’m thankful that I’m a woman.

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