Dogs (Love)

It was hard getting close to anyone or anything because I was afraid of getting hurt and I was afraid of being left. However, in the year of 2008 I decided to go to the Dallas Animal Shelter  and adopted a dog. There were many cats, which I liked, but I decided to adopt a dog. There were many dogs of different sizes, but I admit I prefer small dogs because of my height. I’m not a fan of big dogs because they stand and become taller than I, which makes it hard for me to handle them. However, it was very difficult to choose from the small dogs that were there, but I ended up trying to choose from three dogs. One dog was happily jumping around, another was sleeping, and there was one dog that appeared scared because he was shaking. Guess which dog I chose?


Yes, I chose the dog that was shaking, which was a Jack Russell Terrier. It was the first dog I ever got so I didn’t know much about dogs. All I knew was that I wanted to protect this dog, take care of him, reassure him it was okay, and give him my love. Sadly, a couple of days later I realized he was sick. I think he ended up getting a contagious illness from the shelter because I remember an owner trying to take back the dog she got. She didn’t want him because he was sick, but it wasn’t allowed. I never thought about returning my dog because I had already gotten attached to him so I took him to the vet. I admit I told my bf at the time that my dog was really sick, but he joked and said my dog was going to die. It hurt that he said that, but I later realized that guy was never meant for me. I now realize a guy meant for me would understand how much I care and how much I love my dogs.


Anyways the vet said that my dog had an illness that causes some to die so he gave my dog medicine and said that it was up to my dog to fight. My dog could hardly eat, but my mom and I did our best to feed him and we continue to give him medicine. At night I would watch him afraid because I was worried he was going to die, but over and over I let him know that I love him. He eventually got better. He eventually gained weight and he’s now a really fat happy dog.


He became a really good dog once he got better. Whenever I was alone, afraid, and having a panic attack he would get near me and want me to pet him. I felt it was his way of reassuring me. Somehow he always knew when I was having a panic attack. Most of all, I didn’t have to hire a trainer to train my dog because he listens when he needs to, but he’s really protective. I look at him now and say, “What happened to the dog that was afraid?” He honestly doesn’t care that he’s small because when he gets protective he’ll attack you no matter what size you are. I later realized that dogs can become really good dogs when you give them love.


Years later I also got another dog, which was a Rat Terrier. My mom saw this dog in the streets and decided to bring him home. This dog also looked really afraid and didn’t bark. However, we showed him love and he began to bark. He now barks a lot. So I joke around with both dogs and say, “Those dogs tricked me. They pretended to be something they aren’t.” Still I’m thankful for both my dogs. My dogs have helped me through my downs and have been there through my ups.


Truthfully, I think dogs can become like the owners. I think dogs become what the owner needs at times because they care about their owners. Thus, I say treat dogs right because just like you they want to love and be loved.

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