Learning (Poem)

Constantly learning,

Even when I don’t want to,

No point in saying, “I don’t want to keep learning,”

Life doesn’t care if you want to or don’t want to,

All it cares is that you keep learning.


You don’t need to write it down to remember,

Your brain keeps track of what it finds important,

Even the things you wish you didn’t remember,

You’ll remember the good and bad as long as you find it important,

Perhaps you should ask yourself, “Why do I want to remember?”


Still remembering every life detail can be too much for your brain to handle,

You’ll eventually start to forget,

Even the things that you thought you couldn’t handle,

Perhaps forgiveness also helped you forget,

Perhaps you eventually made peace with what you couldn’t handle.


Maybe you learned everything you needed to learn from that experience,

Don’t worry life won’t let you become a lazy student,

Life will give you another experience,

Maybe its purpose is to make you leave this world as a smart student,

After all, there’s a purpose for every experience.

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