Actions (Poem)

I see the pain you’re feeling in your actions,

I don’t need to hear how much you’re hurting,

I’ve been questioning your actions,

Your actions are hurting,

I wish you would stop with your chosen actions.


You’re keeping silent,

I’m trying to get you to speak,

I want to say, “Please stop being silent,”

I want to say, “Please speak,”

Yet all I can do around you is watch you as I choose to be silent.


The way you’re acting is making me angry,

You’re hurting yourself and you’re hurting me,

How would you react if I get angry?

Would you continue to hurt me?

Or would you stop hurting me if you see me angry?


No, I don’t want to fight with you,

I just want you to open up to me,

I want you to see how much I care about you,

I want you to lean on me,

So please stop doing this to me and you.

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