Period (Poem)

I’m feeling insecure,

I don’t know why,

Perhaps my period is making me insecure,

I feel like I’m about to cry,

I dislike feeling insecure.


I feel like I need reassurance,

Please tell me you’ll always love me,

Please give me reassurance,

Please don’t get annoyed with me,

I’m sorry for asking for reassurance.


I’m dealing with the need of wanting love,

I’m dealing with period pain that makes me feel like I’m about to die,

Please don’t get mad at me for wanting lots of love,

I can’t stop the feeling that I’m about to die,

Can you please hold me my love?


I’m sorry for being emotional,

I’m sorry if I say something mean because of my insecurity and my pain,

The deep love I have for you makes me more emotional,

Don’t worry I’ll take medication for my period pain,

In a few days I’ll stop being emotional.


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