Price (Poem)

I chased you,

I begged you,

I couldn’t let go of you,

I felt crazy because of you,

I lost myself because of you.


You cursed me,

I cursed you,

I hated me,

I hated you,

This toxic love was bad for you and me.


You wanted me gone,

You wanted me around,

You didn’t miss me when I was gone,

You just wanted to treat me like a toy when I was around,

Then one day I said, “I’m done.”


Yet this time you made it impossible to get rid of you,

I screamed, “Leave,”

However, I paid the price for holding tightly to you,

There’s nothing I can do or say to make you leave,

Still I do my best not to make any time for you.


I won’t let the past destroy my love life,

I’ll do my best to keep my past out of my life,

The past doesn’t deserve to be in my present or future life,

You lost every chance to be part of my life,

So please don’t ever try to mess with my love life.

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