Have you ever wondered your purpose for living?

I have wondered,

I wondered more when it was hard to continue living,

Why do we live just to hurt I wondered,

I wanted the answer to, “Why am I living?”


Some might be able to live without knowing the purpose,

Perhaps it depends on what kind of life you are living,

I couldn’t be happy without knowing the purpose,

I didn’t want to accept that just to feel pain was the purpose for living,

I kept searching for the purpose.


Some of us hurt others,

Some of us change others in a good or bad way with that hurt,

Some of us heal others,

Some of us change in a good way because we healed the hurt,

We’re either hurting or healing others.


We change our image,

We don’t look like we did years ago,

Why did we change our image?

Why couldn’t we look like we did years ago?

Thus, even change is part of our image.


Some say the words, “You changed,”

Some say, “You aren’t the person that you used to be,”

Perhaps everything we go through is the reason a person is changed,

Perhaps this was always meant to be,

Who has lived long enough and not changed?


Perhaps our purpose is just to live and keep changing,

Perhaps the purpose of our change is to keep changing the world,

Have you noticed how the world keeps changing?

Still we’ll all eventually leave this world,

Yet the world would still keep changing.


I guess you can say that some of us are here to add bad to this world,

Perhaps that bad is needed to keep changing the world,

I guess some are here to add good to this world,

Perhaps that good is needed to stop the complete destruction of the world,

So perhaps our purpose is to change the world?