Going from loner to taken isn’t easy for the loner,

Not because the loner wants to be alone,

It’s because the loner got used to being a loner,

They learned how to be alone,

Thus, the one who loves a loner needs to have patience with the loner.


Going from taken to being alone isn’t easy for the one who used to be taken,

It isn’t because they aren’t able to be alone,

They just got used to being taken,

They just need to get used to being alone,

They need to accept that they aren’t taken.


Yes, we get used to being with or without somebody,

Thus, a loner can learn to be taken,

A loner can learn to be happy with somebody,

A person who used to be taken can learn not to be taken,

They can learn to be happy without somebody.


No, it won’t be easy to get used to it,

Yet it would become harder if you fight it,

Don’t fight it,

Learn to get used to it,

Believe that you’ll eventually be okay with it.