I love money,

I love earning money,

I don’t want to be without money,

I can’t live without money,

I’m happy when I have money.


I love having money when I go shopping,

I love having money because it helps me pay bills,

Yes, I’m a woman who loves shopping,

No, I don’t like stressing because of bills,

I want to forget the bills by shopping.


I’m afraid of losing everything when I don’t have money,

Some of us end up in the streets if we don’t have money,

Some of us end up without food without money,

We need money,

That’s why some us fight when we don’t have money.


Yes, money can destroy when we don’t have money,

That’s because you can’t have the necessary things if you don’t have money,

We are living in a world where everything demands money,

It’s sad how some of us can’t relax without money,

We can’t even get sick because even that needs money.