Family (Poem)

My mom is strong,

My dad is strong,

God is strong,

I am strong,

They thought me how to be strong.


I am their strong child,

I am a loved child,

I am proud to be their child,

I’m blessed to be their child,

I give thanks because I’m their child.


We are a family who care about each other,

Yet at times we get frustrated with each other,

Still we continue to love each other,

We share our ups and downs with each other,

We wont ever walk without each other.


Earth and heaven won’t separate us,

God helps us,

God knows how much it hurts us,

God likes to share smile with us,

His intention was never to separate us.


All he wanted was to be a part of the family,

He wants to feel the love of a family,

He is family,

He gets sad when he gets treated like an outsider instead of family,

We get more strength when each one of is united like a family.


So fight together like a family,

Love each other like a family,

Pray together like a family,

Remember it was God who made ya’ll a family,

So it’s God who has the answer to being a great family.


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