Control (Poem)

“I feel like committing suicide,”

Those words I cannot say,

People would immediately judge at the mention of suicide,

Some are fakes pretending they care what I say,

Fakes acting like they’ll care if I commit suicide.


Where were these fakes when I was crying out for help?

No, they don’t care,

People ignored my cry for help,

I wish they’ll stop pretending to care,

I no longer need their help.


It’s my choice whether I choose to live or die,

Yes, it’s so easy to take my own life,

Why would it be so wrong to die?

Why should I continue to struggle in this life?

Aren’t we all meant to die?


So many ways to take my own life,

They say God is going to punish me,

I ask, “Where was God when I needed him in this life?”

Suicide makes people think the worst of me,

I won’t have to listen when I take my own life.


Those are the words that I once used to say,

Then one day I got up and said, “It’s my life.”

I choose to live my life my own way,

I choose to have control of whether I chose to live this life,

I choose to control if I die and not care what they say.


No, I don’t feel suicidal anymore,

There’s no pressure of whether I should live or die,

I don’t care if they call me a coward or judge me anymore,

I’m done giving people control over my life,

I’m not listening anymore.


Yes, life became better when I took control,

Life was hell the more control I gave others,

People only care about control,

They don’t care how miserable they make others,

Thus, I’m done giving them control.

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