Devil (Poem)

I was an innocent angel,

I got tempted by the devil,

God didn’t stop this angel,

I fell in love with the devil,

It was the death of an angel.


He took me to hell with his loving,

I became addicted to a world of hell,

I knew this was bad loving,

Depression made me want to stay in hell,

I hated God the more I accepted the devil’s loving.


Then one day the devil threw me away like trash,

I could feel his satisfaction at my own self destruction,

The devil always planned to throw me away life trash,

The devil had planned for my self-destruction,

I believed him when he made me feel like trash.


I wasn’t an angel or a devil,

I was someone who chose to be a human,

I was unhappy as an angel and devil,

Thus, I made choices that made me human,

Yet in the end I stopped hating God and asked for protection from the devil.


I don’t believe the devil’s words anymore,

Yet I know the devil is good at discovering weaknesses,

I won’t face the devil alone anymore,

I now ask God for help as I embrace all my weaknesses,

I won’t let the devil use my weaknesses anymore.

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