I’m missing you,

Every sad song reminds me of you,

Every love song reminds me of you,

I’m constantly reminded of you,

Your goodbye increased the thoughts of you.


It’s hard not to cry,

I hear someone call out your name,

A stranger with your name makes me cry,

I see your name,

Seeing your name while reading makes me cry.


I keep wondering what you’re doing,

I keep wondering if you’ve forgotten me,

Deep down I feel like you don’t care what I’m doing,

After all, you are the one that left me,

So why would you care what I’m doing?


I’m to blame for this pain for loving you too much,

You are to blame for this pain for not loving me,

Why did I have to be the only one who loved too much?

Why couldn’t you have felt the same for me?

Why does life always want to hurt me so much?