Sickness (Poem)

Loving  you in sickness was hard,

The symptoms you gave me made me cry,

I complained and made it hard,

Never realized how important it was to love you even when you were making me cry,

Hating my sickness was making it hard.


My failing body was all I thought about,

Focused on complaining about the areas that were failing,

Loving even my failing areas was what I should’ve thought about,

Yes, it was scary that there were areas that were failing,

Yet hating it wasn’t what I should’ve thought about.


We only have one body,

It’s with us from birth until death,

There’s no escaping this body,

Thus, we must learn to love it until death,

We must learn to love it even when it isn’t a perfect body.


No, it won’t be easy to love your body in some sickness,

You might want to die because of the sickness,

Yet you must have faith that your body and you can overcome the sickness,

You must cheer for your body even in sickness,

Perhaps that support might help you overcome the sickness.


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