There’s nobody to talk to,

I’m feeling alone,

Why does it hurt to realize that there isn’t anyone to talk to?

Why does it hurt to be alone?

Why can’t I be okay with being alone or not having someone to talk to?


I don’t want someone who pretends to care,

I don’t even know who cares,

Perhaps everyone pretends to care,

Perhaps nobody cares,

Why do I care?


Nobody wants to hear about my pain,

They all want to hear happiness,

They get annoyed when they hear about my pain,

They make me see they don’t really care if they only want to hear happiness,

I’m a human who feels pain.


Thus, I choose to be alone,

I am alone while wishing I had someone to talk to when life gets hard,

I must learn to be okay with being alone,

I must learn to overcome life alone when life gets hard,

Perhaps I’m destined to face the hard life alone.