I’m sorry for pulling away,

I need to be alone,

I’m sorry for putting up walls,

I need to cry alone,

I’m sorry for the words, “Please go away.”


If you weren’t around I’ll probably go back to wanting to die,

Please know that it’s enough that you’re part of my life,

I just don’t want you to see me cry,

I just need to be alone to figure out my life,

Don’t worry I don’t want to die.


Yes, death is in my mind,

Death was always my escape,

Now finding a solution is in my mind,

Now I’m trying to find another way to escape,

You’re in my mind.


The thoughts of you comfort me,

The tears fall,

Yet I give thanks that you are part of me,

The thoughts of you don’t keep me down as I fall,

So please forgive me.


Forgive me for not leaning on you,

Forgive me for not knowing how to lean on you,

Forgive me for being afraid to be vulnerable in front of you,

Forgive me because I truly do need you,

Forgive me because I truly do love you.