Seeing (Poem)

I watched the day go by without truly seeing,

I was zoning out the good,

The bad was all I was seeing,

I didn’t believe in the good,

It was my own fault for making myself unhappy over what I was seeing.


I let other’s blind me when it came to good,

Their words became shields that blocked out the sun,

Their words shielded the good,

I allowed them to take me into the darkness and out of the sun,

It was my own fault for allowing them to block out the good.


Then one day I chose to not listen to others,

The words became like a breakable glass,

I started to see that there were some good in others,

My  heart stopped breaking over and over like glass,

I smiled with others.


Yes, there are some bad,

Some would say mean words,

Yet not everyone is bad,

Not everyone would say mean words,

You just have to be strong and see past the bad.


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