Boy (Poem)

I don’t need a boy who’ll do every girl,

Control those hormones if you want to be with this woman,

I don’t need a boy who wants me to fight a girl,

Boy, I’m a real woman,

A woman doesn’t fight a girl.


I don’t have time to play with a boy,

I’m a working woman,

I need a man to help me keep the family together and not a boy,

I rather raise a family alone if you aren’t going to be a strong family man for this woman,

Sorry boy.


I might struggle to make it alone,

Yet a true woman will succeed on her own if she has to,

So be a real man or I’ll choose to be alone,

Still you don’t have to,

You can remain a boy if you choose to leave me alone.


Yet choosing to be a boy means you didn’t really love me,

A man is the only one whose truly capable of loving me,

A boy won’t be able to handle me,

A true man would love only me,

So the question is, “Would you truly love me and be a real man for me?”

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