Weight (Poem)

They said I’m skinny,

They said that I need to gain weight,

I want to say, “Did I ask if I was skinny?”

I want to say, “Why do you care so much about my weight?”

Why should people be labeled as fat or skinny?


This world cares so much about weight,

They think gaining and losing weight can be so easy,

Their thoughts can stress us and make us gain or lose weight,

Life isn’t easy,

Life can make it hard to have the perfect weight.


I guess the people who judge people on their weight are bored,

Perhaps they don’t like their own weight?

I wish they would find something better to do when they’re bored,

Perhaps I should start saying, “Don’t talk to me if you don’t like my weight?”

After all, it isn’t my problem to solve if they’re bored.

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