Regret (Poem)

I dress seductively to attract the bad boy,

The bad boy is the only one who can help me forget,

I’ll let him think he can play me like a toy,

Yet I’m the one working to forget,

I don’t plan on forever with the bad boy.


He’s a boy I’m going to regret,

He’s going to make me wish we had never slept together,

Yet I feel I need this regret,

I know deep inside he would never have plans on staying together,

I feel I might die if I don’t have this regret.


It isn’t a need to orgasm,

It is a need of wanting to feel alive,

Truthfully, not all bad boys can make a woman orgasm,

Yes, some women love to lie,

Yet I don’t believe in lying about an orgasm.


I don’t need to pretend with a bad boy,

A bad boy is a jerk anyways,

Thus, I’ll be a bitch towards a bad boy,

We’ll be mean and go our separate ways,

I guess in the end we’ll be each others toy.

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