Her (Poem)

You say there’s nothing between you two,

Why are you lying to me?

Or can’t you see the way she looks at you?

You’re getting angry at me,

You keep telling me to trust you.


You’re saying I’m just being jealous,

It’s making me sad that you don’t believe me,

I can’t seem to convince you that it isn’t that I’m jealous,

It’s starting to feel that you’re getting tired of arguing with me,

Why can’t you stop talking to her even if it does seem that I’m jealous?


My woman instincts say that she’s interested in you,

You said you told her that you are taken?

It seems that she’s trying to win you,

It seems that she doesn’t care that you’re taken,

I don’t want to fight for you.


I want you to choose me without me having to fight for you,

I want you to stop talking to her because you don’t want to keep seeing me sad,

Yet the fact you don’t stop talking to her means that I’m slowly losing you,

The fact that you don’t stop talking to her means that you don’t care that you’re making me sad,

Thus, in the end I know I’m going to lose you.

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