School (Poem)

It’s sad to see that people didn’t learn in school,

They seem to be busy making up things that make them appear uneducated,

They should pay more attention in school,

Is it better to always look educated instead of uneducated?

Too bad a lot of people dislike school.


I didn’t even like school,

I always said, “In a few minutes,” when I heard wake up,

I always tried to make an excuse not to go to school,

School didn’t make me excited to wake up,

Nope, I didn’t like school,


The government forced me to go to school,

My parent forced me to go to school,

It wasn’t fun to be forced to go to school,

Perhaps I would’ve wanted to go on my own if I wasn’t forced to go to school,

Or maybe I would’ve never gone to school.


It isn’t like the government truly cares if I go to school,

They just want to pretend to care,

They just want me to pay the consequences if I don’t go to school,

Nope, they don’t really care,

Yup, the government just wants to control everything you do in life including school.


Maybe becoming uneducated is a way some people say “I’ll do what I want”,

After all, how is it fun to speak or act uneducated?

I guess it’s better to do what they want,

Who cares if we’re educated or uneducated?

It’s better to be happy by doing what we want.


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