Day (Poem)

The alarm ringer says, “It’s time to wake up,”

All I want to do is stay curled up in bed,

My brain says, “What’s the point of waking up?”

Still I wake up and get sadden at the thought of waking up alone in the bed,

It’s a reminder that there’s no love next to me when I wake up.


I get dressed for another day,

I didn’t even feel like getting dressed,

I don’t know why I bothered looking “nice” today,

I have no love to compliment me when I get dressed,

Still I got dressed for another day.


It was another day of being sick,

I spent my night crying because I was sick,

It’s also another day of crying because I feel sick,

I’m so tired of being sick,

It makes me sad that there isn’t a love by my side when I’m sick.


Along with sickness there are bills to pay,

It makes me wish I had a love to share the burden of bills,

Why is there so much to pay?

Why do we have to pay a lot of bills?

My health is getting worse because of all that I have to pay.


Still I exit my home,

A face another day in the crowd,

I put a smile as soon as I left my home,

I’m another smiling in the crowd,

I wonder who else pretends they are okay as soon as they leave their home.


On occasions someone else smiles back,

I become thankful that I chose to step outside my home,

It feels like medicine when someone smiles back,

It makes me wish that I didn’t have to go back to a lonely home,

Yet I always go back.


I don’t run from my problem,

Instead I make a wish for a different life,

Instead I try to figure out how to solve my problem,

Perhaps one day I’ll have a love in my life,

Right now I’ll do my best to solve my own problem.

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