Discussion (Poem)

You can try to go after my love,

My love and I would have a discussion,

It will be “get her out of your life or lose our love,”

It’s up to him to choose what to do after our discussion,

It isn’t my job to get her out of his life because of our love.


The other girl is his problem,

The other girl is only my problem if he truly needs my help,

Just like another guy would be my problem,

I’ll only go to my love if I truly need his help,

Yet my love and I are smart enough to deal with our own problem.


Still it isn’t nice to try to destroy any relationship,

You should find your own love,

Also it isn’t good to get someone in a relationship,

You might end up regretting that love,

So be nice, smart, and don’t try to destroy a relationship.

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