Dear God I’m so tired,

I’m arguing because of stress,

When will I be able to relax and not be so tired?

Will I ever stop feeling the stress?

Yes, my loved ones and I are so tired.


I don’t want to argue with the ones I love,

Please God help us in this storm,

I don’t want to hurt the ones I love,

Help us get out of this storm,

Don’t let stress destroy our love.


Please God hear our prayer,

Please God show us the way,

Don’t let us lose faith because of an unanswered prayer,

Help us believe in you with every step of the way,

I know I shouldn’t ask so much in a prayer.


I’m sorry for needing you,

I feel you’re the only one who can help me through this hard time,

Is it so wrong to need you?

Am I not supposed to go to you when I’m having a hard time?

Please let me know if it’s wrong to need you.