I won’t ever say that I treated all men right,

Yes, I apologized,

No, being mean to men isn’t ever right,

Still I was mean again even after I apologized,

All because they didn’t treat me right.


They never apologized,

I got angry,

It wasn’t right that they didn’t apologize when I apologized,

They didn’t even feel bad and that made me more angry,

I should’ve walked away after I apologized.


Eventually we both walked away,

That’s when I saw that what I needed most was my own “I’m sorry,”

I needed to apologize to myself for staying and not walking away,

Over and over I told myself the words “I’m sorry,”

I apologized to myself because the true person who hurt me wasn’t the guy when I didn’t walk away.


The true person who hurt me was myself,

I had the choice to walk away,

Yet I stayed and kept hurting myself,

Yes, I should’ve walked away,

Most importantly, I should’ve left after apologizing to him and should’ve apologized to myself.