Hesitate (Poem)

You walked away because you said you didn’t love me,

You didn’t hesitate as you left me crying over you,

I learned to accept that you didn’t love me,

I stopped crying over you,

I had finally said goodbye to you and me.


That’s when you changed your mind and came back,

That’s when you turned around and tried to get another chance,

How could you be so selfish and try to come back?

How could you be so heartless and ask for another chance?

How can I be a fool and hesitate to say, “I don’t want you back?”


I must remember how you didn’t hesitate to leave me,

I must remember all the times I cried because of you,

I must remember the pain that came when you said that you didn’t love me,

That’s why I’m done hesitating and why I’m finally able to say goodbye to you,

That’s why it’s now your turn to cry over me.

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