Sickness (Poem)

Not everyone is going to love you in sickness,

That’s the painful truth,

It might be just you and the sickness,

That’s a scary truth,

No, it isn’t easy to deal with a sickness.


You might ask, “Why is this happening to you?”

The sickness doesn’t care if you were a good or bad,

It was just meant to happen to you,

A sickness doesn’t only happen because you were bad,

Yes, it sucks that it’s happening to you.


Life might feel like it got harder,

You might meet or speak to people who are mean to you in sickness,

Those people might not care that they’re making life harder,

There are so many tests that you might deal with in sickness,

You’ll have to believe that you can overcome each test when they get harder.


Believe that you are strong even when the voice says you’re not,

Find the positive words that can make you stronger,

Believe that you can overcome it alone even when it feels that you might not,

Taking the step to overcome alone means you’re getting stronger,

So believe that you will overcome and don’t believe the not.

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