I feel that it’s over,

I’m afraid to speak with you,

I don’t want to hear you say “It’s over,”

I don’t want to hear “I’m leaving you,”

I know it’s over.


Part of me is glad that it’s about to be over,

I’m tired of all the arguing,

Another part of me doesn’t want it to be over,

Part of me wants us to stay together even if we keep arguing,

I know it’s better to accept that it’s over.


We had days where we didn’t talk,

We had nights where we didn’t make love,

We prefer to ignore each other instead of choosing to talk,

I could feel that I’m not the one you love,

That made me afraid to talk.


Yet I know that it’s time to end us,

With fear and courage I open my mouth to speak,

I do my best to stay strong as you end us,

Somehow I found the courage to listen to you speak,

Somehow I survived the ending of us.