Snore (Poem)

You snore,

How loud?

I snore,

How loud?

Yay we snore.


Should we compete and see who snores the loudest?

Let’s call each other the awesome snoring couple,

I’ll still be a lady even if I snore the loudest,

At least in our sleep we aren’t a boring couple,

So come on and lets’ see who snores the loudest.


No, you better not record a lady,

A lady doesn’t want other’s to see her snore,

A lady always wants other’s to see her as a lady,

How would other’s view her if they see her snore?

Would they still love me like you do when they find out I snore?


Who cares huh?

You are right,

All that matters is what you and I think huh?

You are right,

We were meant to snore with each other huh?


Don’t feel bad if you are the only one snoring,

There might be times when you snore alone,

Yet I’ll punch you and say, “What until I start snoring,”

You shouldn’t snore alone,

I guess you can punch me too if I’m the only one snoring.

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