Boobs come in different sizes,

It’s a boob comparison that makes some of us women self-conscious,

It doesn’t matter if there are men who love all boob sizes,

Some of us women want a certain boob size so we’ll stop feeling self-conscious,

Us silly women shouldn’t be comparing sizes.


We women should be proud of our boob size,

We should be proud of our small boob size,

We should be proud of our big boob size,

Sadly, it isn’t always easy to be proud of our boob size,

Who should we blame for not being proud of our boob size?


Should we blame the men for making it obvious what type of boob size they prefer?

Hey men don’t be so obvious when you stare at our boobs,

Can you still love me if I don’t have the boobs that you prefer?

Can you be with me and love only my boobs?

Why should we care what size boobs men prefer?


We should only care about loving our own boobs,

Let’s love our boobs even when they sag,

Some of us aren’t able to escape the sagging boobs,

Don’t cry if your boobs sag,

Instead let’s say, “I love my small, big, and sagging boobs.”