Lunch (Poem)

Lunch period came,

Everyone enjoyed lunch with their friends,

I wished lunch period never came,

I had no true friends,

I hid in the restroom when lunch period came.


I didn’t want to be seen alone,

I wished I had a friend,

Lunch period always made me feel truly alone,

It was hard to find a true friend,

Thus, I hid in the restroom so I wouldn’t be seen standing or sitting alone.


The minutes felt like it went by really slow,

It wasn’t always easy to wait for the bell to ring,

I wished the time would go by fast instead of slow,

I wished the bell would ring,

Time doesn’t always seem to go by fast when you don’t want it to go by slow.


Eventually the lunch bell rang,

I was always glad when lunch period was over,

Yet there were probably some people who wished the lunch bell hadn’t rang,

Some people probably wished that lunch period wasn’t over,

Everyone had a different feeling when the bell rang.

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