Talk (Poem)

I talk and talk,

It isn’t that I love to talk,

Or do I love to talk?

I can’t stop that talk,

Everyone who knows me knows how much I talk.


I talk to myself,

I talk and talk to others if I want to,

Sometimes I prefer to talk to myself,

Other times I don’t even talk to myself because I just don’t want to,

Sometimes it’s fun to talk to others and myself.


I like to joke that I talk to my imaginary friends,

Hey nothing wrong with talking to imaginary friends,

Poor me doesn’t have real friends,

It’s okay because I have a family that keeps getting bigger while I have zero friends,

So for now it’s my family and my imaginary friends.


Still there are moments when I’m quiet,

Being sick keeps me quiet,

Being angry keeps me quiet,

Being sad keeps me quiet,

Having nothing to say can also keep me quiet.


Thus, be careful if you ask why I’m quiet,

You might get a reaction you might not like,

Would you rather deal with the awkwardness that can be felt when I’m quiet?

Would you rather deal with the reaction you might not like?

Don’t worry I won’t always remain quiet.


My quietness is only temporary,

I always have to go back to talking,

No talking and talking isn’t temporary,

In fact, I might repeat what I said because I forgot or  just so I can keep talking,

Hence, you better love hearing me talk and talk or you’ll be a temporary.

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