Adopt (Poem)

A health issue had left me unable to have kids,

Constantly dating men who wanted their own kids,

Yet part of me didn’t want kids,

Part of me was grateful that I couldn’t have kids,

Then one day I got older and I wanted kids.


However, I didn’t want to be a biological mother,

I felt that I was meant to adopt,

There was a feeling deep inside that said that I wasn’t meant to be a biological mother,

It doesn’t make me sad that my option is to adopt,

I never truly wanted to be a biological mother.


Perhaps having a health issue is a sign for me to adopt,

I considered adopting on my own,

I never felt I would find a good man or someone willing to adopt,

Thankfully, there are some places that let you adopt on your own,

I was already looking on how to adopt.


Then my love entered my life,

Yes, he wanted his own kids,

Yet he wanted to be a part of my life,

Thus, he has agreed to adopting kids,

I’m glad because deep inside I know that we’ll have a happy family life.

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