Angels (Poem)

The angels didn’t take me away,

The angels said, “You are here to stay,”

I cried and said, “Please take me away,”

I cried and said, “I don’t want to stay,”

I was so desperate to get away.


Any cruel word made me cry,

I didn’t have the strength to listen to people,

Any mistreatment made me cry,

I didn’t have the strength to endure the people,

All I wanted to do was cry.


Yet the angels had faith in me,

The angels believed I could face the people alone,

All I needed was faith in me,

It was in the moment of true exhaustion that I finally faced people alone,

I felt they couldn’t take anything else from me.


Strange after so many years I realized the world had changed,

My struggles had given me strength,

I had changed,

I was finally able to face people alone because of the gained strength,

It was because I changed that the people also changed.


I understood what the angels wanted me to see,

I understood that I was given a chance to see a different world,

The good people is what I see,

They are good because I’m constantly trying to understand the world,

I’m now thankful for the angels because they helped me understand and they helped me see.


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