His body reacts in happiness,

His eyes show happiness,

His smile shows happiness,

His touch expresses his happiness,

I bring out his happiness.


He’s the only man who has shown true happiness,

He’s the only man who has shown me in many ways that I am his happiness,

In return he brings out my own happiness,

He too wants to give me happiness,

Yet neither has to try too hard to bring out each others happiness.


Why am I the one who brings out his happiness?

How do I bring out his happiness?

Being what each other wants is what brings happiness,

Being what each other needs is what brings happiness,

Wanting the best for each other and accepting that we want the best for each other is what brings out happiness.


The truth is, it isn’t easy to find happiness,

We don’t always have moments of happiness,

We disagree and it’s bye bye happiness,

Yet somehow we go back to loving each other and saying hello happiness,

In the end, it’s the true love that we have for each other that helps us keep saying hello happiness.