Your man is making you unhappy,

You are taking it out on others,

You are to blame for being unhappy,

Don’t take it out on others,

Leave your man if you’re unhappy.


You get angry at others for not wanting to be around you,

You are the one who is choosing to be unhappy,

Others don’t want to be unhappy like you,

Leave your man and stop being unhappy,

Maybe then others will want to be around you.


It isn’t really you that others dislike,

It’s who you’ve become because of your man,

It’s your man who others dislike,

Others don’t want anything to do with your man,

Others won’t deal with anyone that they dislike.


Truthfully, the ones who love you want you to be happy,

They dislike seeing you unhappy,

They dislike knowing that you’re with someone who doesn’t make you happy,

Yet you can’t see that because you’re unhappy,

You just assume they don’t want you to be happy.


Thus, you are losing people because you are choosing to be unhappy,

You are losing people because you don’t want what’s best for you,

You are losing people because you rather stay with someone who makes you unhappy,

You are losing people because you don’t love you,

After all, if you love yourself you wouldn’t settle for being unhappy.